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S vnoučaty ZADARMO do Krkonoš na 3 noci
from 4 190 CZK3 nights / 2 persons
Fit pobyt pro seniory na 5 noci
from 6 990 CZK5 nights / 2 persons
Skutečný detoxikační balíček pro jednoho na 3 noci
from 2 890 CZK3 nights / 1 person

Hotel Fit Fun

The hotel is situated in the western part of the Giant Moutains (Krkonoše), in the Rýžoviště part of Harrachov, which is considered a gateway to the beautiful alpine countryside. It is near Ryzí stream and Čertova mountain, right next to skiing slopes and lifts. To the town centre is it 1,5 km. The Skibus - stop is next to the hotel. Wellness & Balneowhich is considered a gateway to the beautiful alpine countryside. It is near Ryzí stream and Čertova mountain, right next to skiing slopes and lifts. To the town centre is it 1,5 km. The Skibus - stop is next to the hotel.

Wellness & Balneo centrum Harrachov

...And just about your satisfaction with take care our wellness center with the service for complete reconditioning and enjoyment. Of course there is a professionally trained staff.

Choose from this offer:

Steam bath
(And what is actually steam bath? It is a device that is very similar to the sauna, but has a more humid climate, and it is not so hot. Steam bath relaxes the airways, but also helps to relax overstretched muscles, has positive effects on the joints and relieves total fatigue.A very positive relationship has steam bath on psychological well-being.)

Swimming pool with counter
including a children's wading pool with water mushroom


Harrachov – the center of the winter sports but also the place with great history of glass making is also possible to call the town on the border. In fact, there are two borders: northeast to northwest edge is basically boarder line with Poland, where there is a important cross point for all vehicles Harrachov/ Jakuszyce. There is also crossing point for the hikers which is just little further up by Vosecka Chalet. Second boarder would be between the krkonose and Jizerske Mountains.

Nowdays, Harrachov is mostly known as a tourist place. Especially winter sports are preferred here due to 2 chair lifts and complex of ski slopes. There is also five ski jumping platforms including one of the largest in the world called The Mammoth. In the summer, Harrachov is great starting point for your hiking or biking trips. You can also choose from large offer of the accommodation in the town.

History of the accommodation in Harrachov is dated between 18th and 19th century when people let the lonely travellers to sleep over in their humble houses.

Just a little bit eastern of the town in the distance of a comfortable walk there is the possibility to visit the most glamorous natural interest of Harrachov, about ten meters high Mumlava waterfall. In the granite riverbed there are naturally created giant pots, made by strong river stream and erosion.

Mumlavský Waterfall

The Mumlavský Waterfall is situated about 2 km from Harrachov. It is a popular destination for tourists who visit this area. It is some 10 metres high, hence it is not the highest one. However, it is very rich in water. It is known for giant bowls and pots that had been eroded by the wild stream of the Mumlava River. There are several pools in the granite rock that are metres deep, called Čertova Oka (Devil's Eyes). The waterfall is accessible from the forest road marked from the bus station in Harrachov.


A part of the hotel Fit Fun are two conference halls, which can be arranged exactly according to your requirements.
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Ski school JPK Harrachov

JPK Company was found in year 1991 and its main interes is all-year active sport programs organizing. Company started in Harrachov in Krkonoše mountains but it spread with steadily development throughout Czech rep. and we are planning founding new branch offices. From our offer choose ski resort in which we are operating.


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HarrachMAX - ski rental

HarrachMAX Harrachov Winter sports in the Czech World Cup region Harrachov. Ski & Snowboard School HarrachMAX in Harrachov.


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Wellness & Balneo Hotel Fit Fun - The best relax is when you are happy ...